Information Technology’s Effect on Society – Technology Information

Have you ever considered what our society would be like without the assistance of information technology? If we go back one hundred years, would we be able to survive without computers? These static plastics have made such a tremendous impact on our daily lives that trepidation overtakes us at the mere thought of not having them.According to Wikipedia, “When computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is information technology.” We have become so accustom to them dominating our lives, we certainly take advantage of the fact that we do not even have to leave the privacy of our homes to run the simplest errands. No longer do we have to stand in tedious lines to pay our bills; www. does it with a click. Is it time for new clothes, furniture, or a washing machine? No fuss. Choose the best price, brand, or color, enter your credit card information, and you are practically done.See how information technology has given independence and self-esteem to the elderly and the physically challenged. Busy, active parents do not have to go off to college and leave kids with auntie or grandma. Information technology now allows them the ability to enjoy it all; continue earning their weekly/ monthly salary, play their roles within the family, and earn their degrees as the kids drift off to sleep. Some individuals take it a step further by searching for jobs and eventually working at home with the help of these stationary devices.Secondly, security and many life-saving methods have also been developed with the help of computers. Companies have installed alarm systems that are attached to computers, housed at their offices. The first detection of smoke or fire alerts the representatives at the offices, who in turn immediately alert the fire department. The same goes for burglar alarms for any entry into a secured property without proper passwords; the alarm sounds and reps. quickly have law enforcements on the scene in a matter of minutes. Think of the elderly who wears their “life alert’ around their necks enabling breathing problems or falls to be easily detected from the other end with just the press of a button.Just as important, meteorologists can track storms and hurricanes weeks before landfall. This alerts us of the severity and the exact areas that are more likely to be impacted, giving civilians ample time to prepare by storing food and water, reinforce their homes, and make appropriate plans for family, animals, and valuable properties. Additionally, a baby’s stage of development is tracked from the time of conception to delivery. Imagine looking into a mother’s tummy seeing baby’s length, weight, and heartbeat before he/she takes flight, almost sounds farce.Finally, information technology has allowed law enforcements to minimize, solve, and even prevent crimes. Many rental companies, for example, have tracking devices on their vehicles that, with the help of computers, can detect their exact whereabouts if they are stolen. Missing or wanted individuals can also be tracked similarly, once they are on the phone for at least a few seconds. Detectives represent the dead by revealing how, when, where, and by whom their lives were taken. A fingerprint or a strand of hair could be all it takes to make the dead speak and put a criminal behind bars.Therefore, when we speak of computers and technology, we speak of their endless uses and limitless opportunities in terms of entertainment they provide, health maximized, and lives enhanced and lengthened. These machines have become family members.