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Information technology in its strictest sense is the new science of collecting, storing, processing, and transmitting information. Information is the lifeblood of complex industrial societies and it is growing in importance. A recent study by Information -Technology Advisory Panel put the number of people employed in the “trade able” information sector (publishing, consulting, on line data services, etc.) at about 5 percent of the INDIA workforce. But on a wider definition of the information sector, taking in the whole of banking and insurance, central and local government, and education and training, it is clear that 40-45 percent of the INDIA workforce is directory involved in the processing of information. And since we all use information at some time or other, there is no one who won’t be touched by the IT revolution.The personal computer has marched into the office, where new information- technology is replacing paperwork and improving productivity, customer service, and job satisfaction for some. The worlds of banking, retailing, and financial services are have been transformed by IT- because money, after all, is merely information. No type of commercial service or public utility has remained untouched by the computers or new technology.At the global level, we must consider the impact of IT on the Third World and the possible exacerbation of North-South differences. Some argue that the less developed nations now have the opportunity to leapfrog the developed countries, but more likely, IT will simply increase the obsolescence of their industries, services, and development strategies.The BCA course is one of the IT programs through which we can enter in the information -technology. It is a three year degree program after 10+2. It provides knowledge from entry- level office skills, fundamentals of computer, fundamental of programming, computer graphics and multimedia packages. It gives knowledge about software engineering.There are many other courses like online MBA in IT, ms in Information -technology that gives a wonderful career in the field of IT.